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Mission Action Plan

You could think of these as our "Aims & Objectives" or as our Priorites for Mission and Action.

A     To support people in growing into more engaged worship of Almighty God.

  1. To put on a broader range of social activities, to attract a broader range of people (and ask people what events they would like).
  2. To develop a supervised soft play area during church services, catering for the needs of children who can not yet attend Sunday School.
  3. To restore the organ, and appoint an organist to support the choir's growth.
  4. To provide services and music that match the congregation's diversity (of age, background, etc) with
    • a diversity of styles of music
    • a diversity of presentation (including the use of screens to enrich worship) and
    • exploring diverse times and types of services.
  5. To help new, and newer, people into more active roles and ministries in church.
  6. To run a Stewardship campaign, focusing on Skills as well as Money.
  7. To set up a "Welcome" task group
  8. To encourage new members onto the PCC : elected members must now take a year off after serving for a 3 year term (subject to agreement by the APCM; a Treasurer and Secretary can be co-opted).     AGREED AT APCM
  9. To trial an evening service, for a year, aiming at children and families, especially those who work on a Sunday morning.

B     To make greater use of our visible and invisible assets in the service of our neighbour.

  1. to develop a logo that represents the church.
  2. more and better publicity.
  3. fence in the paved area to create a space that can be used by church and community groups; and to reduce anti-social behaviour in the church grounds.
  4. enhance our offering of the front of the church as a community garden by (a) installing a new bin; (b) installing new forms (benches).
  5. invest in the Community Room and activities that take place there for (a) community engagement and service; (b) viability.
  6. invite the Diocesan Stewardship Officer to meet with the PCC.
  7. Find a new regular volunteer for Pop In.
  8. encourage the development of the shop: more volunteers; different opening times; better publicity.
  9. Think through the Notice boards in the Community Room.
  10. Organise an auction of promises. (Adrienne to organise; early March)     COMPLETED MARCH 2018

C     To develop effective working relationships with partners in Mission and Ministry:

  1. St. Thomas, Werneth (Mission Partnership) and also
    Holy Trinity, Coldhurst; St. Stephen and All Martyrs, Oldham; St. Mary with St. Peter, Oldham (Mission Unit).
  2. St. Martin's School and other local schools;
  3. groups and individuals in the local community whatever their culture, religion, or age.

We believe

  • that a church should be a place where the generous, forgiving love of God in Christ is made real in practical ways.
  • that a church should be a community that welcomes all people whatever their age, situation, or background.
  • that a church should dedicate itself to the worship of Almighty God, using all the richness and variety of resources that God has given us.
  • that we are not there yet - but by the grace of God, this is what we hope to become.
  • that a church should work, alone and with others, for good in its community, and in the world: for justice, for a better quality of life, for stronger communities.
  • that a church is not just a virtual community, but a real, physical community. We hope that this website will enrich our life as a church, and offer you ways to take part in it - or just provide you with resources to help you deepen your faith.