The Parish of St. Paul, Oldham

Church Services

Our services are as advertised in the Diary on this page. Services are alternating between St. Paul, Oldham, and St. Thomas, Werneth, on Sunday mornings.

There will be no Sunday School, Singing, Refreshments, or Holy Communion at this stage. The services will look and feel very different from normal as we work to make the buildings as safe as possible to open on a Sunday morning:

  • We have carried out a Covid-19 risk assessment.
  • We have cleaning, hand cleansing, and hygiene procedures in place, in line with government guidance.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help everyone maintain a 2m distance between users of our church.

Given the urgency of the situation in Oldham, we expect you

  • not to come in if you are feeling unwell, or have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 10 days
  • to take responsibility for your own safety, and for the safety of your household and other people by maintaining social distancing and observing all hygiene measures
  • to reduce unneccessary movement (e.g. do not come in and out of the buidling more than necessary) and do not gather outside.
  • to ensure all children are supervised at all times
  • to wear a facemask. They are available to purchase on the way in. This is now compulsory.
  • not to socialize after the service. This is prohibited by the Government.

We have made a couple of organsational changes:

  • we will ask two people, who are the only members of each of their households, to share a pew with each other, socially distanced.
  • We will fill up the pews from the front, to make it easier for late-comers to find seats
  • we will ask families to leave first

Please continue to watch this space for further updates.


Welcome to the home page of St. Paul's Church, Hathershaw, Oldham. St. Paul's is one of many parish churches in the Church of England. It is part of the Diocese of Manchester.

Online Services

During this time, even though church is now open, we are continuing to offer online services.
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SUNDAY 9 August 2020:
10:30 am: Service at St. Thomas, Werneth (OL8 1SF)

SUNDAY 11 August 2020:
10:00 am: Service at St. Paul, Oldham (OL8 1LD)

Blue Coat School Admissions

Please note Cranmer Education Trust has published a letter concerning their admissions arrangements in relation to Covid-19
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